Compiling Rakudo Star on OpenBSD 6.8

Written on wrote about this a few months ago. I compiled the 2020.10 version today on OpenBSD 6.8.

I had to update the datasize-cur value to 2536M in /etc/login.conf for staff login class & add my user to the class. The rest of install was simple & the rstar script just worked. The installation took around an hour on my system.

git clone
cd star

./bin/rstar fetch
./bin/rstar install

After the installation was complete, I moved it to another directory but that caused raku to exit with this error: raku: can't load library ''

Symlinking the original install directory to the new directory fixed this issue. This issue could've been prevented by passing the -p flag to rstar.

# replace `~/star' with desired install directory
./bin/rstar install -p ~/star