OpenBSD 6.8 EFI boot failure

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I upgraded to 6.8 a few days ago, the boot failed after upgrading. There have been mentions of this on misc@ previously.

The fix for me was to either re-install in legacy mode or use a previous bootloader. I had already installed FreeBSD 12.1 but the desktop experience is better on OpenBSD, less configuration required.

Today I decided to try installing 6.8 again. I replaced BOOTX64.EFI with 6.7's version but that didn't fix it for some reason. I checked it with 6.6's version too but that didn't fix it either so I just re-installed 6.8 in legacy mode.

I'm now running OpenBSD 6.8 & it's fine. I do miss the FreeBSD fortune cookie at every login. And everything ran much faster there, I think because of SMP.


If you haven't upgraded yet then you can follow the manual upgrade guide & just skip the bootloader part. I should've followed this instead of trying to replace the bootloader.


Looks like this issue has been fixed.

u/brynet OpenBSD Developer[M]

For anyone who bumps into this issue again, a fix was committed to -current by kettenis@ which should fix the hang at "entry point at 0x10010000", as this fix is contained within the bootloader you could grab BOOTX64.efi from snapshots and copy it into your EFI System partition, alternatively upgrade to a snapshot instead of running 6.8 release.